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    "Design work by committee is hard. Konn Lavery of Reveal Designs gets the big picture. When you need a professional graphic designer with a quick turnaround, he is there to make it work.
    From beginning to end, the design process was easy and stress-free. This little company exceeded our expectations and punches way above their weight. We love the service we received. Our team strongly recommends Konn as a committed and inspired digital design professional.
    From start to finish, working with Reveal Designs was an excellent experience."

    Derek Pluim, Digital Marketing Specialist - Keeran Networks

    "Konn is an outstanding web designer who pays close attention to detail and delivers well above even high expectations. He made sure to help me understand how to adjust my website myself, something no other web designer has ever done, and he was also happy to answer as many questions and make as many adjustments as I asked, all with incredible patience and fast response times. Konn took my website dream and made it come true above and beyond what I'd hoped for. All of my future website designs and upgrades will definitely be done through Reveal Design without question!"

    Christie Stratos - Award-winning Author & Editor

    "Our experience with Reveal Design has been great. They completed our website on time and on budget without any “surprises”. They were able to give us the features we needed to make our website unique and  user-friendly. Over all, it was a great experience."

    Aysha Linkiewich of Aurora Flags & Banners Inc.


    Reveal Design is Konn Lavery

    Reveal Design is Konn Lavery

    Konn Lavery specializes in graphic design and web development. His skills are integrated into logo branding to create uniquely mastered visuals to best suit his clients’ needs which is also accompanied by stationary, book formatting, and large print signage. His expertise in web design focuses in on telling a story through information architecture, UX design, WordPress development, website usability, and mobile design. His abilities were learned through the Digital Media Production program at the former Guru Digital Arts College based in Edmonton, graduating in 2010. After, he taught design at the college for a couple of years before branching off on his own. He continues to grow his knowledge base, fully operating as an independent contractor since 2014.

    He also writes award-winning fiction.

    Luc Bouchard of Sovereignty Actualized
    (Bare Bones Communications) Testimonial

    “I was overwhelmed with the number of website developers, but Konn came recommended through a previous client of his and colleague of mine. It has been the best contact I have received so far in my professional career. Edmontons best kept secret! He’s efficient, timely and on top of his projects. Konn was committed throughout the process to designing the perfect website. I trusted his guidance and suggestions.”

    Bobbi Haugen of Owner of The Massage Shop

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